Audi Air Suspension Manufacturer

Two decades of manufacturing expertise and distributing experience, Rycomtech has able to produce Audi air suspension replacement that offers perfect fitment to every Audi model on the road today.

Providing Audi air spring and other air suspension components for different automotive supplier giants contributes to how well-established Rycomtech is today and how appreciated our products locally and abroad.

Air Spring Bag

Air Strut

Air Compressor

Rycomtech Audi Air Spring

Our company offers an extensive range of suspension parts for all commercial vehicle you can think of. Air spring components including air suspension valve and air suspension compressor are made to meet the stringent industry standards and ISO quality system.
Over the years, our company manages to build a reputable name due to our obsession with product innovation and development.
For your Audi air suspension problems, Rycomtech surely is a manufacturing brand you can put your trust to.

Audi Air Suspension Replacement

Rycomtech’s Audi Air springs offer unparalleled consistency and road reliability.

Our products are highly rated and preferred by many car and auto parts shop owners around the globe.

Proper weight distribution

Removes the sag and bottoming out for more even tire wear due to proper weight distribution

Perfect Fitment

Capable of producing custom product designs to offer no compatibility to different vehicle requirements

Effective bump absorption

Absorbs road bumps more effectively to reduce vibrations when driving, preventing damage of other auto parts due to heavy loading


Guaranteed to deliver enhance off-road performance even under extreme conditions due to its low friction and longer service life features

Our air suspension company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

Why Choose Rycomtech Air Suspensions

Producing an alternative for a giant automotive supplier brand such as Audi can be demanding. Here at Rycomtech, we make sure to use only the latest and advanced tools and machining in manufacturing Audi air springs.

These pieces of machinery enable us to produce air suspensions that have matching quality as the original equipment. From specifications to dimension, we ensure products are designed into precision.

Rycomtech Air Suspension Manufacturing Process

Film Calendering Process

Rubber Mixing Process

Curtain Cutting Process

Vulcanization Process

Molding Reel Process

Air Spring Assemble Process

How we Make audi series air suspension Parts at Rycomtech


We produce Audi air suspension with many factors considering in mind including the size and product dimensions. We ensure that our air spring units are built made compatible with every Audi model on the road.

After the productions, all air suspension undergoes numbers of tests including tightness, vehicle fit-on, and performance testing to ensure they meet the standards of the company before leaving the factory


Rycomtech Audi Air Suspension Parts Manufacturing Capacity


The company’s mass-production are backed with our growing global distributing network, which makes our air suspension parts easy to obtain.

Also, we fabricate different types of air springs and other air suspension parts that will suit even your most specific vehicle requirements and driving lifestyle.

Who could say no to a lower product pricing? Rycomtech offers the most acceptable price of air spring replacements in the market.




Our Audi air springs are expected to perform in par or better than OE at a more affordable price than your typical OE supplier.

Rycomtech is also employed with industry-leading customer service personnel, ready to be of service for your air suspension troubles.

Highly-rated by many consumers worldwide. Our lines of Audi air suspension are made not to disappoint.

All products are fabricated in compliance with the industry stringent standards and ISO/TS 16949 quality system.Be certain to source second to none quality of air springs here with us.




Mapco From German

A chance gave me access to Rycomtech air spring. In the beginning, I was worried about the quality of Rycomtech's products and the service.

But I found that Rycomtech's service attitude was very considerate after contacting, the quality of the products was guaranteed, and the performance was very good.

I was very satisfied with it. I hope Rycomtech can do better and better.

Mr.Mourad From Dubai

I learned about Rycomtech after the introduction of our friend. Later, I became a regular customer of Rycomtech.

When using the Rycomtech air spring, I feel that the quality is very excellent.

After 2 years of use, there is still no problem. At the same time, the price is also very preferential. It's a pleasure to be a regular customer of Rycomtech.

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Gain the comfort and secured driving you deserve. Rycomtech’s Audi and other air suspension parts will be your best off-road partner for many years.

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