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Rycomtech is a manufacturing brand that is globally recognized due to the provision of high-quality air suspension products. With no exception, Rycomtech’s GMC air suspension replacement lives to its original equipment’s luxurious name.

Gaining a prestigious spot on the aftermarket industry, Rycomtech is dedicated to continuously deliver high-grade air suspensions replacements.

Air Spring Bag

Air Strut

Air Compressor

Rycomtech GMC Air Spring

Product of many years of research and development, the Rycomtech air spring product category offers no compatibility issue. Our catalog covers virtually all commercial vehicles you can think of today.
Perfecting the production of air springs, Rycomtech products are widely recognized not only in China’s aftermarket but also around the world
Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Be our partner and experience the difference here at Rycomtech.

GMC Air Suspension Replacement

Preferred by many GMC vehicle owners around the world, Rycomtech air springs are made not to disappoint.
Specifically designed to provide exact fitment for every GMC on the road today. Our GMC air suspension will not only be a replacement for your worn-out GMC air springs but will also be an upgrade.

Weight Distribution

Spreads the frame weight properly to all tires for improved braking, steering, and even tire wear

Shock absorption

Effective bump absorption – reduces vibration when driving for a more comfortable ride, and prevents other parts to be damaged due to heavy loading


Improved road performance and stability – tested to endure extreme road stress and damaging external factors

Built to Last

Constructed using the toughest raw materials available for ultimate durability and longer service life

Our air suspension company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

Rycomtech GMC Air Suspensions Spring Product Line

Many in the aftermarket business scene considered us as their one-stop air suspension shops due to our comprehensive list of air springs of all types.

Rycomtech has the sleeves type of rolling lobe. Also, our catalog covers different styles bellow including single, double, and triple convoluted that caters to different vehicle applications.

Why Choose Rycomtech Air Suspensions


Supplying the aftermarket industry with GMC air springs alternative that has the original equipment’s performance, yet at an affordable price. Who can say no to this?

Our product price is just a fraction compared to the price range of your typical genuine part supplier.
Rycomtech’s GMC air spring is also constructed using high-strength materials that guarantee to give many reliable years of road service.

Rycomtech Air Suspension Manufacturing Process

Film Calendering Process

Rubber Mixing Process

Curtain Cutting Process

Vulcanization Process

Molding Reel Process

Air Spring Assemble Process

How we Make GMC series air suspension Parts at Rycomtech


Utilizing the industry’s best machinery and tools, we ensure that not a single thing is compromised when fabricating GMC air spring replacements and other air suspension parts.

Our facilities are manned with chosen, industry-leading professional that keeps eye on the production, making sure that processes conform to the company’s stringent standards.

Before leaving the factory, all Rycomtech air springs alternatives are tested to ensure products are ready and in their complete, pristine condition and functionality.


Rycomtech GMC air Suspension Parts Manufacturing Capacity


With many years in the industry, Rycomtech has partnered to many auto parts shops and still doing so, which makes our global distributing network substantial enough to cater demands from across the globe.

All Rycomtech products including GMC air suspensions are carefully handled when shipped with enhanced product packaging ensuring top-condition when received.




Rycomtech air springs company products are manufactured in accordance and certified in accordance to the strictest ISO 9001 & IAFT 16949 quality system and standards.

Working under specific standards as mentioned has enabled us to supply the public with maintained quality of air springs.

Using the advanced technology, our air springs are produced with a direct approach to innovation and futuristic solutions for your suspension troubles.



Mapco From German

A chance gave me access to Rycomtech air spring. In the beginning, I was worried about the quality of Rycomtech's products and the service.

But I found that Rycomtech's service attitude was very considerate after contacting, the quality of the products was guaranteed, and the performance was very good.

I was very satisfied with it. I hope Rycomtech can do better and better.

Mr.Mourad From Dubai

I learned about Rycomtech after the introduction of our friend. Later, I became a regular customer of Rycomtech.

When using the Rycomtech air spring, I feel that the quality is very excellent.

After 2 years of use, there is still no problem. At the same time, the price is also very preferential. It's a pleasure to be a regular customer of Rycomtech.

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In need of upgrades for GMC suspension? Rycomtech is the place to go.

Our world-class customer supports are ready to help you find the right unit for your specific vehicle.


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