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Dedicated to helping every car owner with their suspension nuisance, Rycomtech utilizes only the best materials and state-of-the-art machining and technology in constructing Mercedes air suspension.

Air Spring Bag

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Air Compressor

Rycomtech Mercedes Air Spring

We have been leading the industry as one of the top air suspension manufacturers that offer exacting original equipment (OE) quality of air springs. Also, our suspension replacements are made available at a fraction of OEM price making our products an ideal alternative for many auto parts shops and car owners across the globe.

Mercedes-Benz Air Suspension Replacement

Rycomtech has been serving the industry for many years with our air suspension parts. Our product catalog offers different air suspension parts including air spring, air suspension compressor, and air suspension valve.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or a performance parts shop owner looking to upgrade and load your shop with alternatives of big automotive brands, Rycomtech’s air suspension will surely meet the quality you are expecting from a top-notch replacement.

Direct Bolt-on

Offers the same dimension as your original equipment, which gives the convenience of easy installation and direct replacement without vehicle modification.

Road Reliable

Will patently get rid of the slump ride and uneven suspension caused by your damaged air suspension component.

Effective Alternative

Restore your air suspension’s road effectiveness, which results in more comfortable driving under any road stresses.


Narrowed air bladder resulting in better road handling and reaction to uneven road terrain.

Our air suspension company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

Why Choose Rycomtech Air Suspensions

Manufacturing an important part such as air suspension, we ensure that not a thing is compromised. Aside from quality, we produce products that will give you the confidence and security when driving.

Being in the industry for over two decades, we at Rycomtech has produced countless of alternatives that has been used and trusted not only locally but also to many places across the globe. Our products are highly appreciated due to providing the same performance as to different original equipment (OE).

Rycomtech Air Suspension Manufacturing Process

Film Calendering Process

Rubber Mixing Process

Curtain Cutting Process

Vulcanization Process

Molding Reel Process

Air Spring Assemble Process

How we Make mercedes series air suspension Parts at Rycomtech


Product quality is our number one priority when manufacturing air suspensions.

Aside from the in-house production of raw materials, we make sure that all the components to be used in air spring fabrication are graded with the standard as what original equipment manufacturers (OEM) use.

To further develop products’ functionality, our Mercedes air suspension parts are precisely CNC-machined. This also promotes better air spring longevity.

Using advanced tools and machining, Rycomtech is able to cater custom product design that will suit your target market’s different vehicle lifestyles.


Rycomtech Mercedes Air Suspension Parts Manufacturing Capacity


Given the fast phase and rising demand for automotive parts replacement in the aftermarket industry, we equip ourselves with the latest manufacturing technology which gave us the ability to mass-produce air suspension parts.

Today, Rycomtech is capable of producing over a thousand air suspension components using fully automated, computer-controlled machinery, and the latest tools.

Production processes are also monitored by our employed industry-leading engineers and technical staff to ensure all air suspension products are real-world ready before making leaving the factory for shipment.




Highly-rated by many consumers worldwide. Our lines of Mercedes air suspension are made not to disappoint.

All products are fabricated in compliance with the industry stringent standards and ISO/TS 16949 quality system.

Be certain to source second to none quality of air suspension here with us.



Mapco From German

A chance gave me access to Rycomtech air spring. In the beginning, I was worried about the quality of Rycomtech's products and the service.

But I found that Rycomtech's service attitude was very considerate after contacting, the quality of the products was guaranteed, and the performance was very good.

I was very satisfied with it. I hope Rycomtech can do better and better.

Mr.Mourad From Dubai

I learned about Rycomtech after the introduction of our friend. Later, I became a regular customer of Rycomtech.

When using the Rycomtech air spring, I feel that the quality is very excellent.

After 2 years of use, there is still no problem. At the same time, the price is also very preferential. It's a pleasure to be a regular customer of Rycomtech.

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